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This is the ultimate tool for selectively adding distortion to your tracks
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Izotope Trash 1.0 is 64-bit distortion, filter, delay and amplifier modeler program for audio producers and musicians. Software amps that are modeled on the best classic and traditional hardware amp tones give users an array of choices to create sound mixes and Trash is takes the choice to another level by providing extra tones that you can’t have with hardware.

Using this software, musicians can have the realistic amp sounds that they want, with an amplifier modeling software that simulates a tube amp. Trash enables users to build quality tones with its studio effects features, stomp boxes, and mike options. Additionally, Trash has 36 sweepable filters for gain and frequency adjustments, several different types of delay lines, pre-filters to add special sound effects such as wah and more unusual ones unique to Trash. Individual distortion types can be applied to 4 frequency bands, and each can have two distortion algorithms chained to it.

Trash features EL34 pentode tubes and tape saturation as well as classic lo-fi distortion effects, with half a dozen fuzz algorithms. Trash includes analog classic filters giving users a clean and warm sound, talkbox filters for harmonic control, and resonant and saturated filters too. In total, users benefit from 36 sweepable filters. Trash also has over 80 box, speaker, cabinet, amp and effect models with stereo spreading options. Box models includes telephones, Plexiglas tubes, even tin can sounds. Six different delay types ensure that users benefited for unique distortion effects. Trash’s preset manager allows users to add comments to presets, take a part of one preset and assign it to another, and sort by name or last used. Features on trash allow experimentation for users.

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